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 Child Protection


St Joseph’s has set in place a detailed policy supported by a wide range of procedures to ensure that every child is afforded the best care and protection possible. In formulating this policy St Joseph’s has adopted the Department of Education’s advice re:

the Code of Conduct

the use of reasonable force and confidentiality when talking with children

The following points may be of interest

     Parents/guardians of children attending St Joseph’s who have any questions or concerns regarding child abuse, child protection, or the safety of their or another child should contact their child’s Form Teacher or the Principal. Parents may, on the other hand, prefer to speak to:

Mrs D Frizelle & Mr Kelly, the designated officers for Child Protection in St Joseph’s. 

St Joseph’s recognises that Parents also have an important role in assisting the school to protect their children.  They can help in the following ways by always:

informing the school, by phone or direct contact, if their child:

  • will be absent for more than one day;

  • arrives home from school unexpectedly;

  • is to be collected during the school day by someone other than the parent/guardian;

  • completing a “Request for Leave of Absence Form” if permission is being sought for their child to attend a medical/dental/emergency appointment;

  • remembering that pupils with attendance rates below 90% will require to be collected from school if they are seeking leave of absence;

  • reporting any concern regarding the welfare of their child or worries for the well-being of others;

  • reporting any allergy, medical condition or treatment and providing an emergency contact number.

  • reporting any changes in family circumstances e.g. resident order, occupation order, non molestation order, etc

Parents who feel that they wish to make a complaint about an issue relating to Child Protection, are asked to refer to the flowchart below.


I have a concern about my / a child’s safety



I can talk to the Form Teacher



If I am still concerned, I can talk to Mrs Frizelle

(the designated officer for Child Protection)


If I am still concerned, I can talk to Mr Kelly, the Principal



If I am still concerned, I can talk / write to the Chairman of the Board of Governors

What happens next?

Following a complaint the school will follow the appropriate procedures as outlined in the school policy, and will be guided by advice from CCMS and DENI. In some circumstances professionals other than school staff may have to be involved.

The school will report back to the complainant as soon as possible, depending on the complexity and nature of the investigation. Normally the person to whom the complaint was made will make the reply.      

Details of this policy are available on request.