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St Joseph’s College Vision

In St Joseph’s we provide a pupil-centred, broad and balanced curriculum reflecting the needs of all pupils with the aim of maximising their life chances.  Our vision is of a school that enables each student to achieve his/her full potential within a learning environment that is safe, positive, respectful, inclusive and welcoming.  Our Catholic ethos directs all that we do and by adhering to it we create an environment of caring and encouragement.  Pupils have ambitious aspirations and are highly motivated in pursuit of these, displaying a positive work ethos in doing so.  Through provision of a broad range of curricular and extra-curricular activities and the promotion of a positive outlook to life, we develop the whole individual.  The professionalism of all staff is evident in their work and performance.  Their commitment to Continued Professional Development ensures modern techniques; methodologies and technologies are employed in both teaching and learning.  Our school is deeply rooted in our communities and reflects the diversity therein.  Students have opportunities for active citizenship and are encouraged to participate fully in these.  They use the community as a classroom and the community members provide resources, connections and active support.  The triangular partnership between the school, the home and community allows us to create a school that pupils aspire to go to, perform well in and which the community is proud of.

The Catholic School

St Joseph’s College is a Catholic school.  The original building which was opened in 1961 was established to provide post-primary education for 70% of the local school-going Catholic population.  Parishioners from St John’s, St Malachy’s, St Mary’s Star of the Sea and St Patrick’s contributed substantially and generously towards building costs.  The same commitment continues today.

It is clearly recognised that the Catholic vision for education for the school is of prime importance and the ETHOS STATEMENT places strong emphasis on this dimension.  It is, therefore, the function of the school to provide an education enshrined in and enriched by Catholic ideals, principles, beliefs and practices.  For this reason Religious Education is given a central place in the school curriculum.  There exists in St Joseph’s a carefully structured Religious Education programme.  This is taught by well-qualified and dedicated members of staff, supported by regular visits from clergy in the local parishes.

Since the Catholic School is an extension of the Catholic Home, it helps parents to fulfil their role as the first religious educators of their children.  “Religion begins at home.”  The school’s Religious Education programme cannot replace the home.  Rather, it supports and reinforces what the children experience and learn in the home.

The Religious Education programme is further enhanced and developed through a wide range of related activities including morning prayers at assembly, Confessions and various charitable events, including an annual fund-raising event for the Third World.  Pupils are also given the opportunity to develop the practice of private prayer in the Oratory.  Retreats are a regular occurrence and allow time and space for the individual to grow in faith and maturity.

It is further recognised that the Catholic education provided for our pupils must carry with it the breadth, generosity and commitment of the fundamental tenets of Christianity which incorporates in it a respect and a concern for people of different religious persuasions.  The school positively endeavours to instil such sentiments in its pupils through normal classroom teaching and through local Church visits In Year 9.  The actual Religious Education programme leads children to a deeper, more living, active and personal faith through the study of Christ’s life and His teaching.


St Joseph’s will seek in all that it does, to complement the Catholic home and create the atmosphere of a believing community.  It is committed to living out, in its daily operation, the Christian way of life.  The above will be complemented within the school by the fostering of an ethos of care and support.  This will enable the individual pupil to take his or her place in society as a responsible, tolerant, active and independent person who has developed to his/her full potential.  In making this provision, the school will seek to be a centre of excellence for the whole community.


To promote within each pupil the spiritual and moral values implicit in the Ethos Statement.
To provide each pupil with abroad, balanced and relevant curriculum.
To promote the cultural, intellectual, creative, aesthetic and physical dimensions of each pupil.
To prepare each pupil for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
To help each pupil to learn to respect and value himself/herself and others and thereby to foster a sense of tolerance.
To help each pupil to learn to respect and value his/her own values, traditions and beliefs and the values, traditions and beliefs of others.
To present the curriculum in an appropriate manner which enables each pupil to achieve success and develop his/her full potential.  
To provide or obtain appropriate support for each pupil with special learning difficulties.
To promote and develop personal qualities such as self-confidence, independence and self-discipline in each pupil.
To encourage each pupil to become aware of and care for his/her environment.
To involve each pupil, the parents, teachers and Board of Governors in that child’s educational experience and development.
To foster communication and co-operation between the school and the local national and international community, for the benefit of each pupil.
To promote a sense of enjoyment and value in the education process which will enable him/her to see potential in continuing education and participate actively in the process of life long learning.