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 Examinations Policy


The School recognises the importance of qualifications for the future employment prospects of all pupils.  It is therefore the policy of the school to enter each pupil for public examinations at an appropriate level in as many subjects as each pupil can realistically cope with.

To provide the maximum flexibility in matching the individual pupil's abilities and needs, the following examinations are currently offered:

BTEC First Certificate


Double Award GCSE

Occupational Studies


Applied A-Levels

BTEC National


Under the school's charging and remissions policy, it is the 'Policy' of the school to enter each pupil, free of charge, for one examination in each subject studied in any one academic year.  Where, however, a pupil has progressed within an academic year to a level where it is agreed that it would be realistic and worthwhile for him/her to be entered for another examination, giving higher qualifications, that too will be without charge.

Where a parent/student indicates that he/she wishes to sit an examination in the same level with two different boards in the same subject and is prepared to meet the total cost, the school will do all that it can to support his/her wish.

In order to ensure that pupils wishing to follow a Vocational pathway receive appropriate tuition in the skills required a number of work-related courses have been introduced.  These include hairdressing, motor mechanics, brickwork and beauty therapy.

At the present time the school is a recognised centre for the following examination boards:


Subjects which students are commonly entered for include:

GCSE: Business Studies, English, French, Geography, History, Home Economics (Child Development), Mathematics, Music, Religious Studies, Science (Single Award),Science (Double Award), and Technology and Design.

Occupational Studies: Brickwork, Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Office Administration, Joinery, Motor Vehicle Studies, Metalwork, and Woodwork

BTEC First Certificate – Business, Art & Design, Travel & Tourism and ICT

Applied A-Level: Travel& Tourism and Health and Social Care

Music BTEC National

BTEC National: Art, Business, Sport Studies, ICT, Construction and Engineering

A-Level: Maths, Religious Education, Technology and Sociology

Some of these courses are offered through the Coleraine Area Learning Partnership.