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Art and Design


·to promote an atmosphere where pupils can enrich their sensory experiences and develop aesthetic sensitivity and awareness;

·to involve the pupil in a broad range of activities which will stimulate and develop intellectual and practical capabilities;

·to nurture  pupils’ appreciation and understanding of their environment encouraging them to make tactile andvisual responses to their feelings;

·to help pupils to realise and appreciate the potential value of their ideas, encouraging them to explore different ways of seeing and responding through art/design;

·to encourage self-confidence and self-evaluation in their work;

·to encourage pupils to gain an understanding of the significance ofart/design in their own culture and that of others;

·to foster an understanding of the economic implications when choosing materials and techniques;

·to help pupils realise that as individuals they can respond and contribute to all art/design activities.



A variety of teaching strategies are adopted:

-           Introductory talks/class discussion

-           Viewing other pupils'/artists' work

-           Practical demonstrations

-           Useof lens-based and digital media

-           Prepared worksheets

-           Individualand group tuition

-           Peer and self-assessment and self-evaluation

-           Modular approach in practical activities.


Junior School

All pupils in the junior school will follow the New Curriculum Key Stage 3.  This course is presented in several units of study which are designed to develop creative thinking skills and personal creative outcomes through investigating,realising, designing and making:


1.         Drawing and graphic media;                            2.         Textiles;          

3.         3-dimensional construction or prototyping;     4.         Printmaking;

5.         Lens-basedand digital media                           6.         Ceramics         


Assessments are based on work done in class and athome.  Grades are given in each of these areas and the average is calculated.


Senior School

When the student moves to this level he/she is encouraged to follow a course of in-depth study leading to a BTEC First Certificate.  This course draws on the body of knowledge gained in the first three years and also allows the pupil to make informed judgements about the direction their work should take.   This two-year vocational course in Art &Design is equivalent to two GCSEs.  The course consists of three units of coursework:

Unit 1 – 2D and 3D Visual Communication

Unit 2 – Contextual References in Art & Design

Unit 3 – Working with 3D Design Crafts Briefs




Each unit is assessed through coursework and awarded a mark.  The marks for these units are added together and an award is given – Pass, Merit, Distinction.



In St Joseph’s we offer the traditional “AS” and “A2” level General Certificate in Education (GCE) at Post 16 level.