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Employability and Careers Education

The school is aware of how important it is for pupils to acquire knowledge and the appropriate job skills in preparation for adult life.  With this in mind the school organises a number of activities which integrate communityand class based activities.  Pupils willbe involved in compiling a Personal Career Plan throughout their school career,starting at a basic level in Year 8 and developing it towards Year 12. 


In Years 8, 9 and 10 allpupils have timetabled Employability classes during which they follow a programme that includes topics such as self awareness, job opportunities and the local and global economy.


In Years 11 and 12 all pupils have timetabled ‘Employability and Careers’ classes during which they follow a carefully structured Programme which includes topics such as self-awareness, occupational awareness and decision making skills.  All students are offered the opportunity to get involved in Young Enterprise Workshops, working closely with local industry representatives to exchange information and advise students.


In Year 14, pupils have a timetabled period for Careers education and Guidance to help them make sensible decisions about their future careers at University/College, Further Education, Training orEmployment.  The Careers programme is assisted by the support and expertise of the School’s Careers Officer from the local Training and Employment Agency. All students are individually interviewed and guidance is offered.