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The Role of the French Department

The role of this department is to deliver French according to the Revised Curriculum for Northern Ireland in a variety of interesting and informative ways.  Pupils study French in KS3 and then may decide to take the subject at GCSE.  The AQA GCSE is currently offered at this level.

The Aims of the Language Studies Department are as follows:

·     to contribute to the overall education of every pupil, through language learning and acquisition;

·     to create and maintain a pleasant and ordered learning atmosphere for every pupil, and to provide enjoyment and motivation at all times, as well as a sense of achievement;

·     to develop linguistic competence and to encourage the use of French  in a variety of social and transactional situations;

·     to ensure the pupils appreciate the practical uses of a Modern language and to develop an awareness of the wider uses of French in the context of future career plans;

·     to foster positive attitudes towards countries where French is spoken and to speakers of these languages.  This will also foster empathy for French culture and customs. 



Methods/Teaching Strategies

The following strategies will be used as appropriate in the four attainment targets (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).

Class teaching

Group work


Individual work

Use of the target language in the classroom

Links with the country of the Target Language

Questioning techniques

Resource-based learning (audio and video tapes,flash cards, video camera, and authentic materials). There is also a gradual emphasis on aspects of  I.C.T. (wordprocessing, CD-Roms, E-mails and Internet usage).

Senior School

Pupils in Year 11 will have the opportunity tofollow the recently revamped course, 60% of which is Controlled Assessment.


Pupils' progress in all four attainment targets is monitored and recorded on a continuous basis. Assessment includes end-of-unit tests: - oral, aural, reading orwriting. Pupils also have the opportunity to submit ICT-based assessments as well as to partake in self and peer assessment.