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Home Economics


Home Economics is a compulsory element of the revised curriculum for all at KS3 since September 2007. The central focus of Home Economics at KS3 is the consideration of home and family in relation to the development of the individual and society.  The programme of study is designed to enable pupils to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills to make informed decisions which may improve the quality of life for themselves and others.  The programmes of study contain 3 essential and inter-related strands of experience within Home Economics.  These strands define the content which should be covered and include:

  • Healthy eating
  • Home and Family life
  • Independent living

Junior School


Assessmentincludes the following:

            end of topic tests

            practical tests


            end of term/year tests

Senior School

Pupils in year 11/12 will follow either CCEA GCSE Home Economics or OCR Child Development - this will depend on up take at end of Year 10.



Throughout Key Stage 4:

            end of term tests


            coursework tasks

            individual / group tests

End of Key Stage 4

Pupils will be entered for CCEA GCSE Home Economics at the most suitable level for the individual pupil.

Pupils choosing Child Development will follow the OCR Syllabus and be entered for either Higher or Foundation tier.


A variety of methods are used which

·      involve pupils in different modes of learning (active learning, investigating, researching,

     doing and observing, talking, listening, discussing and questioning, reading and recording);

·      give pupils the opportunity to articulate their ideas and views, and listen to and appreciate the efforts and opinions of others;

·      give pupils the opportunity to work independently in pairs or as a member of  a group;

·      allow pupils to develop a range of skills (personal and social; creative; investigative;

·      measurement communication; management; psycho-motor);

·      will encourage pupils to take a pride in their achievements and will enable them to transfer knowledge and understanding from one situation to another.