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OCR A Level in Travel and Tourism

Brief Summary of the Course


The aims of this Travel and Tourism course are to encourage candidates to:

  • develop and sustain an interest in Travel and Tourism and the issues affecting the development of the industry and its potential effect on employment opportunities;

·        develop an understanding of the scale and importance of the develop an understanding of the scale and  importance of the Travel and Tourism industry and the interdependenceof its sectors;

·        appreciate the importance of the customer to the Travel and Tourism industry;

·        appreciate the importance of host destinations and communities to the Travel and Tourism industry and the importance of sustainable development;

·        appreciate the positive and negative impacts travel and tourism may have on people, environment and economy;

·        develop practical and technical skills relevant to the Travel and Tourism industry;

·        appreciate the global and dynamic nature of the Travel and Tourism industry, how people, environments and issues change, and how the industry responds to these changes;

·        appreciate the impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on the development ofthe Travel and Tourism industry and the potential effect on the future activities;

·        appreciate the significance of values and attitudes of key stakeholders in the Travel and Tourism industry;

·        develop their own values and attitudes in relation to travel and tourism issues;

·        apply their knowledge and understanding of travel and tourism and use skills of research, evaluation and problem solving in vocational contexts;

·        plan, prioritise and meet deadlines, work independently and within teams;

·        participate in visits to travel and tourism organisations and destinations.


What will you be studying?

 M/102/8242 - Introducing travel and tourism

 T/102/8243 - Customer service in travel and tourism

 A/102/8244 - Travel destinations

 L/102/8250 - Tourism development

 R/102/8251 - Event management

 H/102/8254 - Adventure tourism




Holiday Centre/Worker Manager
Holiday Representative
Tour Manager
Tourist Guide
Tourist Information Centre Assistant
Travel Agent