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CCEA A-Level in Health and Social Care

Brief Summary of the Course 

The aim of Health and SocialCare is to provide students with an understanding of the caring world focussing on the promotion of health and the importance of the communication within a care setting.  It encourages pupils to be independent learners and to carry out valid work placements in either a primary, elderly or adult care setting.






What you will be studying?


There are three main units studied at AS Level which include:


·        Promoting positive care

·        Communication in care settings

·        Heath and Wellbeing


Two portfolios will be submitted and a final exam will be taken in the first year of the AS level.


In year two again there are three main units to be studied:


  • 1 optional unit
  • Health Promotion
  • Understanding Human Behaviour


Two portfolios will be submitted and a final exam will be taken at the end of the second year.






Progression Opportunities


There are a number of opportunities that Health and Social Care provides in that students are able to grasp and see the wider world of the care settings provided by the National Health Service.  Students that have akeen interest in the caring profession can further their studies in teaching, nursing, medicine and adult learning centres.