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Successful Prize Night


Mr Ronnie Kelly (School Principal) introduced Prize Night by saying, "If there is one certainty in life, it is that there is no certainty. From Brexit to Area Based Planning for our education system here in Northern Ireland, the world around us seems to flux. The worlds of fact and fiction, rumour and truth interwoven with such intricacy, that bias and misinformation can at times appear to be the only drivers in decision making processes. As educators we can only hope that for these young people who pass through our hands we can impart the life skills necessary to successfully navigate life's journey".
Mr Kelly was delighted to outline the Colleges outstanding results in both A Level and GCSE.
In GCSE 91% of our pupils achieved more than 5 A*-C grades, while a staggering 81.25% achieved seven or more A*-C grades. In this age of high expectation the gold medal performances go to the 50% of St Joseph's pupils who achieved nine or more A*-C grades. Such success has also extended into our A-Level performance with 71% of our students achieving 3 A*-C grades or more.

Here too, St Joseph's continues to raise the bar of performance to the highest level. It is always hard to single out some students over others, but credit must be given to Colleen Higgins with an A* and two A's and Euan Louden and Ciara Hunter with two A's and one B. While at GCSE level Viktoria Turimatsova achieved three A*, five A's and one B and one C. Another pupil deserving of special mention is Cleo-Neece Taggart who represented Northern Ireland in women's soccer and managed to balance her sporting commitments and educational studies with stoic determination to be the best she can possibly be. She achieved one A* grade and three A grades, five B grades and one C.
As a school, St Joseph's College again sets the trend of the possible for all the young people in the area with 75% of student achieving C or better at GCSE level in mathematics. A trend which raises the bar nationally in the secondary sector.

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