Wholeschool Portal | Home 22 July 2018
Summary of Consultation

A period of consultation is taking place regarding the schools future. The recommendations of the process will be placed before the Minister for approval early next year. Negotiations have taken place over a four year period. The collective vision is for one larger school in Coleraine with a minimum of 1,100 pupils and one school in Portstewart with a minimum of 600 where presently, there are three. It is the fixed and unequivocal view of St. Joseph's that, for such an outcome to proceed, a true partnership set within a collective family of Catholic schools must be established and placed within a non selective educational envirnoment. That the child, be they educationally gifted or educationally challenged, be offered the same life chances that presently exist within the Triangle area. For this to occur, present staff expertise must be fully utilized across all three campuses. Mutual respect must be harnessed for the benefit of each and every child and institutional bias must be a thing of the past.