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 Special Education needs


Every pupil is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum which takes into consideration individual needs, according to a child’s experiences and abilities.  It is one of the main aims of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator that each child, with learning difficulties or disabilities, will be given access to all areas of the N. I.Curriculum and that his/her achievements will be recorded and accredited.  Another important aim is that home-school partnerships will be established and developed, which enable families to support the teaching programmes for the child with special educational needs.

It is the policy of the school to treat all pupils equally.  We make use of a range of standardised tests to assess pupils.  Pupils with specific difficulties are supported by learning support teachers and learning support assistants.  The school liaises with a number of outside agencies to obtain advice and assistance.  These include:

Educational Psychology Service

Social Services

Educational Welfare Officer

Autism Support Service

Literacy Support Service

NEELB Special Needs’ Advisor