Wholeschool Portal | Home 22 July 2018


St Joseph’s College recognises the distinction that is often drawn between the ‘formal’ curriculum and the ‘informal’ curriculum; between the formal activities for which the timetable of the school allocates specific periods of teaching time and those many informal activities that go on, usually on a voluntary basis, after school hours.

These extra activities are, therefore, the clubs and societies organised by teachers (after the normal school day).  They contain an important pastoral element in that they are intended to encourage pupils to follow particular interests/hobbies and to develop personal talents.

Many activities have been added to the existing traditional sporting programme which includes:

Gaelic Football, Soccer, Hockey, Camogie, Basketball, Netball, Hurling, Cross Country and Athletics, Homework Club, Musical/Drama Club, Coursework/Revision Club,Guitar Club,

Technology Club, Traditional Music Club and Choir. The most recent addition is the Film Club which meets weekly to screen and review recent film releases.  Pupils’ online comments feed into the Literacy Policy.

These activities are designed to involve pupils of all age groups in a variety of skills to suit diverse interests.  The pupils benefit from this programme by acquiring new skills whilst achieving better levels of co-operation, courtesy and behaviour.  They are given the opportunity to interact with staff in a less formal atmosphere and setting.  The willingness of the staff to participate ensures that the pastoral aspect of school life is reinforced.